My Hong Kong is a collective art project: an artistic collaboration effort to capture the unique impression of the city. Hong Kong is a diverse, multifaceted city, one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to see and discover everything it has to offer. Tropical beaches and lush jungles stand literally minutes away from narrow paths and dingy alleys, glittering shopping streets from bustling street markets, glass towers form rotting apartment blocks, fancy restaurants and arty coffee shops from local noodles joints. This variety and this unpredictability are what make the city so fascinating and impossible to define. One can never tire of exploring it. One can never tire to discover and be inspired.

In “My Hong Kong”, group of artists based along the Perfumed Harbour shores, both locals and foreigners; coming from all walks of life, give us glimpses of their very own Hong Kong. Through different media, such as photography, watercolor, painting, writing, architecture (and even music), etc., they describe an area or an element they love, something that is behind the inspiration of their creative process. For some it may be a street, a path, a corner, a joint they go to over and over again to get inspired, to feel a sense of belonging; for others it may be a walk, a ride, a routine they need to follow to ignite their creativity. These artists take us through a series of personal and intimate journeys in the attempt to unveil the essence of this great east-meets-west metropolis. Through these different stories we might be able to get to know new, surprising, unexpected faces of Hong Kong and what keeps these creative minds so strongly hooked to it (Francesco Lietti).

“my hong kong” team 2019

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