Noble Wong: Capturing Hong Kong

Everything start from my sketch in Causeway Bay circular bridge in early 2014. This is one of my earliest plein air sketch, and probably the first time I really enjoyed myself in sketching. I was attracted by the moving cars and people on the street, the details and shape of the architecture, and the beautiful changing light and shadow. I enjoyed the brush stoke on paper that came from my own observation and interpretation. After this sketch, I addicted to plain air sketch.

I tried to study how those sketch masters do their sketching, and tried to learn and practice the styles I love. In order to look for interesting things to sketch, I visited places I have never been in the city, and I studied the according information of the places and events I sketch. I found my sketching and observation skills improving bit by bit for every sketches I did, and my knowledge and sense of belonging to the city was increasing day by day.

I have been working as full time illustrator and mural painter for already 3 years. Before that, I was an Information Technology engineer. Sounds like it is quite a stable job?  However, I found it was really boring, perhaps wasting my time too. The longer I work, the more I found I was unfit to this career and lifestyle.

After I began my life of sketching, I post almost every sketches I did to social media. A reader base was gradually developed, and turned out some commercial drawing opportunities came. The turning point of my career, from I.T. engineer to full time painter, was an illustration job offered by Tai Kwun. They requested a full time artist to do a large scale illustration works. I was so excited to be part of this project, and my chance to develop a new career.

Some friends of mine said I should be more “realistic” and better not to take that chance, well, actually risk. They said artists usually are not able to make their living, especially in Hong Kong. I agreed. But I think life isn’t just about living, it is about the way to achieving meaningful things. It can’t be without risk on the way. Without second thought, I accepted the offer. I feel excited and satisfied now for every illustration and mural painting opportunities, every collaboration with creative people, and every appreciation to my works. Like the day I began to do plein air sketch, I am now learning bit by bit for illustration I did and mural I paint. I will keep improving myself on every aspects to be a professional artist, because it is the way I choose to live.

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  1. Very impressive sketches, thank you for saving our fading but valuable history by paintings. Wish to see more and more by you soon. 🙂


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